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Strong targets in Copenhagen negotiating text welcome, but land-use rorts could undermine their intergrity

The 25-45% targets at the heart of the new Copenhagen negotiating text expose how out of step with global thinking the Rudd Government has been in refusing to negotiate with the Greens around the targets in the CPRS.

"The only way one can see a reasonable agreement coming out of Copenhagen, bringing together the small island states, the developed world and the large developing nations, is if rich countries like Australia now move to take on targets towards the top end of the 25-45% range," Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.

"The big risk to negotiations this weekend is that the integrity of any targets agreed could be undermined by rorts in the land use (LULUCF) text.

"Australian delegates will be negotiating furiously this weekend over LULUCF, trying to repeat the rort they achieved 12 years ago at Kyoto. If they weaken reporting rules, ensure definitions are not strengthened, and get their business as usual baseline agreed, they will make sure Australia can claim much greater emissions reductions than we actually achieve.

"It is no wonder Australian negotiators are making it known that Australia will only commit to 25% cuts if our LULUCF changes are accepted. If we get our land use rort, the 15% cut will almost automatically become 25%!

"I am delighted to hear news of huge walks against warming in Australia and the support they have given to the brave negotiators from Tuvalu, and I'm looking forward to taking part in today's peaceful walk in Copenhagen."

Senator Milne is available for interviews from Copenhagen between 6pm and 8am

In Copenhagen: Emma Bull +45 205 30809

In Canberra: Tim Hollo 0437 587 562

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