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Strong support for democratising deployment power

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 29 Oct 2014

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam has renewed calls for an inquiry into the 2003 Iraq War after Morgan polling results released today found that 76.7 per cent of Australians want Parliamentary approval before sending troops into conflict zones.

In August 2012, Senator Scott Ludlam, Melissa Parke MHR, Andrew Wilkie MHR, former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, former Secretary of the Department of Defence Paul Barratt, and former chief of the Australian Defence Force General Peter Gration (retired), launched the campaign to investigate how Australia was committed to an illegal and unprovoked war.

“Today’s poll results show that Australians do not want our nation to blindly commit to wars without a clear strategy, objective, end date or success criteria,” he said. “Before we commit more deeply to this open-ended war in Iraq, there must be an independent inquiry into Australia’s participation in the 2003 invasion that destabilised the region.”

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