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Strategic Assessment of Perth and Peel an opportunity we can’t afford to lose

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 19 Aug 2011

The Greens have welcomed the Federal Environment Minister's announcement of a Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Perth and Peel Region.

Greens state spokesperson for urban bushland, Alison Xamon MLC, said "a strategic assessment provides an opportunity to fully identify and protect Perth's environmental heritage and world-renowned biodiversity - but it's very important that we get it right".

"I'll also be seeking answers on whether the Minister intends to declare a moratorium on clearing any further urban bushland and wetlands until the strategic assessment is complete."

Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam, Greens spokesperson for sustainable cities, said the announcement was an over-due but important step in fixing the state's "shamefully inadequate and compromised protection regimes for urban bushland and biodiversity".

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren, spokesperson for Planning, said that "in one generation Perth has sprawled from Yanchep to Mandurah - with too little control on the quality of development or the loss of habitat".

"The methodical approach offered by the Strategic Environmental Assessment means we can hit pause, and examine the areas that are appropriate for development and those which are not," she said. "My hope is that it also kick-starts the creation of greenways identified by Minister Day in our metropolitan planning strategies Directions 2031 and the Perth Capital City Planning Framework."

With the Terms of Reference yet to be completed, many important questions remain.

Senator Ludlam said the announcement "is a great relief and vindicates the valiant efforts being made by communities across Perth to save our iconic species and habitats. I'll be holding Minister Tony Burke to account to make sure we get the best outcomes possible - because if this is done poorly it could accelerate the loss".

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