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Statement on Michael McCormack

Media Release
Nick McKim 12 Jan 2021

“McCormack's actions over the last two days are an attempt to take Australia down the dangerous path of post-truth politics. 

“The facts are simple. The Black Lives Matter movement is a push back against racist policing and politics. In contrast the Capital riots were because the far right didn't want to accept the results of a fair and democratic election. 

“The Coalition is growing afraid of the truth. Craig Kelly and the Nationals are avowed deniers of reality, and cost of the Liberals and Nationals making up their own facts will be the degradation of Australian democracy.

“Trump's closest allies are deserting him like rats leaving a sinking ship, yet Morrison and McCormack seem locked in to support him to the bloody end.

“The Coalition’s decision not to condemn Trump's messy attempt at armed insurrection effectively means they support the attack on democracy currently underway in the US.

“There’s a reason McCormack won’t condemn Trump and his rabble of far-right nationalists, racists & conspiracy theorists. He wants their votes at the next election, and is willing to put the Australian people at risk to get them.

“Our warning to the Liberals is simple. Taking up Trump style politics is poison to democracy. If this is the direction the Liberal Party is heading, it bodes terribly for the future of Australian politics.

“Last year, the Senate united to block Pauline Hanson from using this racist dogwhistle in Parliament. Now, the acting PM is using it in press conferences to defend his own racist dismissal of black deaths in America. 

“Michael McCormack knows what he’s doing by using this phrase. He’s telling Australia’s racists that he is taking their side. 

“He needs to apologise immediately.”

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