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Statement On Kashmir

Media Release
Mehreen Faruqi 27 Oct 2020

The Australian Greens stand with the Kashmiri community on 27 October as they commemorate Black Day. Kashmir is a disputed territory and it is now over a year since the Indian Government revoked its special status and further eroded Kashmiris’ right to self-determination.

Kashmir remains in lockdown and access to high speed internet is still blocked by the Indian Government. The Indian Government must restore basic human rights in Kashmir, including freedom of speech. The Indian Government must withdraw its troops, end the restrictions placed on political leaders, end arbitrary detentions and disappearances, and allow humanitarian organisations full access to resume their work. The decision to forcefully reduce the autonomy of Kashmiris must be revoked immediately and the campaign to systemically silence and oppress Kashmiris must end.

The Greens have been and will continue to urge the Australian Government to call on the Indian Government to respect the human rights of the people in Kashmir and their right to self-determination. The human rights crisis in Kashmir should not be ignored.

Senator Mehreen Faruqi and Senator Janet Rice

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