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Senate to Environment Minister: do your job

Media Release
Andrew Bartlett 27 Jun 2018

The Senate has called on the Environment Minister to do the job the community expects him to and actually protect the environment, says Queensland Greens Senator and spokesperson for the environment Andrew Bartlett.

The Senate passed Senator Bartlett’s motion demanding the Environment Minister protect the Great Barrier Reef by controlling land clearing in catchment areas.

"Large-scale clearing in the catchment areas of the Reef results in increased runoff, damaging coral and encouraging invasive species like the Crown of Thorns starfish.

"The $500 million allocated by the Coalition to protect the Great Barrier Reef is meaningless if they do nothing to enforce environmental laws to protect it.

"We see study after study shows us that the Reef is in dire straights, we need real action from the Minister.

"To save the Reef we need political courage, Minister Frydenberg needs do to his job and enforce the legislative power he is charged with.

"In Queensland 36000 hectares of old growth forest in catchment areas in under threat of clearing.

"For the Coalition to have any credibility on protecting the Reef, it needs to use our environmental laws to stop this".

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