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Securing Our Future: Boosting Australian Research

Science and innovation is the key to prosperity. If we want a strong economy after the mining boom boosting our investment in science is vital.

Our investment in science and research is lagging behind many other developed countries and according to the Chief Scientist we may be set to go backwards.

The Greens will boost Australian investment in research and innovation to 3% of GDP by 2020, boost research councils, reverse Labor's cuts to research funding and more.

Our roadmap to reach 3% of GDP by 2020 includes:

  • A ‘Future Science' package, consisting of a combined $750 million boost to the Australia Research Council, National Health & Medical Research Council and to Cooperative Research Centres
  • Funding for indirect costs associated with health and medical research ($141m)
  • Steps towards default 5 year grants in ARC and NHMRC and the recognition of proven researchers 
  • $342m to reverse short-sighted Government cuts to the Sustainable Research Excellence program
  • A new National Research Infrastructure Facilities Council ($230m)
  • Strategic opportunities for international collaboration ($150m)
  • An ongoing Future Fellowships scheme to attract and retain top research talents ($100m)
  • Open Access Publishing of Government funded research ($40m)
  • Targeted support for Health and Medical Research commercialisation, to keep development in Australia ($155m)
  • Creation of new Integrated Health Research Centres to translate the research discoveries into clinical practice ($120m).

Download our full plan for securing our future: A road map to increase Australia's Research & Development Investment to 3% of GDP.

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