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Securing the future of Australia’s threatened species

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Larissa Waters 14 Jul 2013

Our threatened species are under threat like never before.

Climate change, habitat destruction, pollution, invasive species and disease, as well as the rapidly expanding resources sector are putting our precious plants and animals at risk.

It is time we make big changes to help their chances of survival.

Our threatened species don't just include obscure critters - Australia's iconic species like the Koala and the Tasmanian devil are in serious decline.

The Greens plan will:

  • Fund comprehensive studies to identify and map important habitat nationally
  • Protect that habitat through bioregional plans that guide development and establish clear no-go zones for different activities within each region across Australia
  • Support the rapid listing of all species and ecological communities which belong on the list
  • Develop and resource the implementation of recovery plans and threat abatement plans for listed species and ecological communities
  • Fund additional research required to help turn around Australia's biodiversity decline
  • Restore Labor's $257 million cut to the Biodiversity Fund, which the Greens helped to establish as part of the Clean Energy Package, to promote habitat restoration; and
  • Make sure federal veto powers over Australia's most environmentally damaging projects remain with the federal government and are not given away to the states.

Our environment is under pressure more than ever before. Only the Greens will care for people and the environment.

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