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Scomo's Glasgow no-show an act of climate cowardice

Media Release
Adam Bandt 27 Sep 2021

Leader of the Australian Greens Adam Bandt has said that Scott Morrison’s reported intention to avoid appearing at the COP26 Glasgow Climate Summit is a dangerous abrogation of his responsibility to act on climate change and threatens to slow global progress.

“If Scott Morrison doesn’t want to lead the country on climate, he should hand the reins to someone who does,” Mr Bandt said. 

“While the rest of the world is pledging bold climate targets for 2030, Scott Morrison’s in hiding. He’s gearing up to be a Glasgow no-show, taking cover behind a meaningless 2050 target while the Nationals agitate for even more coal and gas.

“Delay is the new denial.

“2030 is the climate’s deadline and by 2050 it will be too late. This year’s IPCC report demonstrated that if we want to stop our planet from going over the climate cliff, we need ambitious action by 2030. The independent Climate Targets Panel says for Australia to do its bit, we need 74% emissions reduction by the end of the decade.

“Australia has sabotaged global climate talks before and Scott Morrison is gearing up to do it again.  Countries across the world will be pledging stronger action by 2030 at Glasgow. Scott Morrison doesn’t want to show his face because he knows delayed net zero with no 2030 targets and more coal and gas exports will get him laughed out of the room.

“With Scott Morrison and the Nationals taking 2030 off the table while pushing for coal to be included for decades to come, it’s clear ‘net zero by 2050’ is just a paper target designed to take climate off the agenda while coal and gas cook our planet.

“Bold action by 2030. No more coal and gas. That’s what we need. Nothing less.”

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