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SBS online streaming service - an equivalent of iView on the cards?

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GreensMPs 16 Jul 2010

Senator Ludlam asked:

Can you provide us with an update of your online streaming service, particularly now ABC has begun captioning its iView service? Does SBS have similar intentions and how broad they are?


SBS is currently providing about 80 per cent of its prime-time television programming (full program versions) online each week, subject to rights clearance. The SBS website also carries short form video content produced by SBS's news and current affairs and sport staff.

SBS's online video operation consists of a small video team preparing the content each day. SBS's video systems are not currently integrated with SBS's TV broadcast systems (including rights management and captioning), resulting in a heavily manual operation in getting material online.

During 2010/2011 SBS will make small upgrades to its video system to improve the user experience, as well as scoping how to improve and integrate the workflow. This will include investigating an upgrade to SBS's online video systems to enable SBS to convert the closed captions files created for SBS's English language television programs for use online. Non-English language programs made available on the SBS website as part of SBS's catch-up service are transmitted with subtitles (open captions). Transcripts of all SBS-produced news and current affairs programs are also available on the SBS website.

SBS is committed to making its services accessible to all Australians, including making more of its programming available online with closed captions.

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