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SBS Online streaming service and audience share

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GreensMPs 16 Jul 2010

Senator Ludlam asked:

Can you provide some sense of audience share, the break-up between your online audience of people who are not browsing but actually watching one of your titles as opposed to those watching on TV?


SBS's online video viewers (unique browsers who watch a video) currently number around 342,000 browsers, approximately a third of SBS's overall online audience of 1,086,000 unique browsers (April 2010). Total number of online video views for April 2010 was 2,503,000. (Nielsen NetRatings SiteCensus.)

SBS's total television audience reach (SBS ONE/SBS TWO) in April 2010 was 8.7 million viewers in the metropolitan markets and 976,000 in regional areas. (OzTAM/RegTAM - 24 hour, 5 minute consecutive reach.)

The current online reporting system does not enable SBS to determine the number of video viewers by program, only video views. Recent figures for program-specific catch-up online viewing are:
Program                                       Video Views(1)             TV Audience (2)
East West 101 (Series 2)             27,000                         153,000
The Circuit (Series 2)                    28,000                         222,000
Italian Food Safari                        87,000                         319,000
Wilfred                                          73,000                         156,000
Gourmet Farmer                           78,000                          321,000

(1) Nielsen NetRatings SiteCensus.
(2) OzTAM 5 City Metro, Avg. Audience, Total People Incl. Guests, Consolidated Viewing.

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