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Salvos survey shows major parties can’t stay silent on housing crisis

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 22 May 2013

The rapid rise in the cost of housing has pushed thousands of Australians into deep poverty, the Australian Greens warned today as a Salvation Army survey revealed alarming results.

Greens housing spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said "Labor and the Coalition need to declare what they will do to deliver more affordable housing in Australia before the September election".

"In the Federal Budget Labor refused to acknowledge that there's a housing crisis in Australia, and the Coalition acts as though the price of housing being out of control is a good thing. Only The Greens seem to grasp the need to confront the affordability crisis.

"The Salvos National Economic and Social Impact Survey showed half the respondents are often going without meals and two thirds are cutting down on basic necessities. A huge factor in this is the battle to pay the rent.

"The severity of the crisis is starkly illustrated by the fact 14 per cent of single parents surveyed have no place to live: Seven per cent are homeless, and another seven per cent living in the homes of friends or relatives.

"The cost of accommodation is devouring a huge portion of people's income. The Greens call for a big expansion in the supply of affordable housing. We need to see more public housing stock, we need to see a second full round of the National Rental Affordability Scheme, and we need to see the Greens' Convert To Rent program to turn empty properties into low-cost rentals implemented nation-wide.

"The lack of affordable housing is driving people into deep poverty - the kind that entrenches disadvantage for generations. We have a chance to stop this now and can't afford another day of inaction. The Greens will soon launch a comprehensive set of housing reforms to deal with this crisis."

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