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Rudd's Copenhagen speech a huge missed opportunity to lift ambition

Prime Minister Rudd's speech to the plenary of the Copenhagen climate conference may go down as the biggest missed opportunity of his Prime Ministership.

"Mr Rudd's speech today was his big chance to inject some momentum into the stalled talks by promising to lift Australia's targets, but instead he used it for thinly-veiled jibes at the developing world," Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne said from Copenhagen.

"Mr Rudd just showed the world why his reputation at home is becoming 'all spin and no substance'.

"If his presence here is to be a help rather than a hindrance, Mr Rudd needs to bring some substance to the table in the form of higher targets.

"Every time Mr Rudd raises his commitment to a 2C goal and a 450ppm target, he should be reminded that the developed country proposals that he is backing here in Copenhagen, with his CPRS at home, would see carbon reach 750ppm and temperatures rising a catastrophic 4C this century.

"Mr Rudd says deeds matter more than words. But deeds must match the words or they are nothing but lies and fraud.

"With tensions already running high and trust at an all-time low, Mr Rudd's thinly-veiled attacks on developing countries for holding up progress towards his preferred goals can only make matters worse.

"The talk of using procedural debate is a deliberate misconstruing of what is going on. Developing countries are simply trying to have the issues that concern them debated, instead of being dictated to by the powerful rich world as usual.

"Delegates from Tuvalu and Kiribati will not be impressed that Mr Rudd used them as an example of climate crisis in the conference room when he and his staff have been bullying them outside the room.

"The only way to a fair deal that can avert the climate crisis is for Australia and our fellow developed countries to lift our ambition to what the science demands - 40% cuts by 2020."

Senator Milne is available for interviews from Copenhagen between 6pm and 8am

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