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Rudd and Wong's global deal would lock in climate failure - Greens

Media Release
Bob Brown 21 Sep 2009

The Rudd government's "circuit breaker" may help broker a deal, but it will be a deal to lock in failure in tackling global warming, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

"This 'circuit breaker' will delight polluters, but it will appal scientists," Senator Brown said.

"Mr Rudd and Senator Wong are so determined to be seen to broker some kind of deal that they have lost sight of what the deal is supposed to achieve.

"Rudd and Wong's 5-25% target range pulled down the level of ambition from developed countries so far below what developing countries are demanding that the only way to get a deal was to offer the latter a way out, too.

"Part A of the plan, announced by Penny Wong yesterday, is for developing countries to avoid binding targets in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

"Part B will be a deal for developed countries to fall way short of the 40% reduction needed for effective action."

Senator Brown called for Australia to lead the way in 'scheduling' emissions reduction activities such as Minister Wong is asking of developing countries, on top of the binding emissions target we accept.

"Let's start with setting out energy efficiency targets for homes, offices and factories, and a schedule for stopping the destruction of our native forest carbon stores."

"If Minister Wong and the opposition both want to bring an end to deforestation in developing countries, why is it they both are funding further deforestation in Australia? It's absurd," Senator Brown said.

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