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Royal Commission to consider investigating the abuse of children inside Australia's immigration detention centres.


After writing to the Commissioner in relation to  child abuse claims in Australian immigration detention centres, The Australian Greens welcome news that the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is considering allegations of abuse against children within the detention network.

"Refugee children are already extremely vulnerable and the fact that some of them have been subjected to further abuse and assault is sickening and must be exposed" Greens spokesperson on Immigration, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said. 

"Governments of both persuasions have been extremely poor in responding to claims of abuse and assault inside these camps and have done their best to keep these incidents hidden

"It is time that the truth was uncovered and justice was delivered for these children and their families

"While it is disappointing that the Commission is unable to investigate conditions on Nauru or Manus Island it is further proof that while children continue to be detained offshore there can be no guarantees of their safety or justice when they are harmed

"Many of these children have had their childhoods stolen, many times over, it is time they were offered the care and protection all children deserve

"Anyone with evidence on the abuse of children in detention centres should be encouraged to forward it to the Royal Commission

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