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Roadblocks to voting in the federal election

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 27 Jul 2016

Senator Lee Rhiannon has responded to reports that a man was unable to vote in the federal election because there was no stationary polling booth at the hospital he was staying at. 

"It is not good enough to have a mobile polling booth for people in hospital that only does single visits as it means patients have a narrow opportunity to vote.

"We are a democratic society, we have a compulsory voting system and we should make every effort to ensure that each eligible person is able to vote.

"Just before the election I was on Argyle Street at the Rocks for a public housing meeting and walked through a polling booth site in that locality. It was literally a construction site and looked totally inappropriate and inaccessible for members of the public to use for voting.

"These are some of the concerns I will be taking up at JSCEM when parliament returns. 

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