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Renewable Energy Target must keep big polluters on the hook

Media Release
Christine Milne 30 Jun 2014

The Australian Greens say the aluminium industry is already heavily subsidised and must not be fully exempted from the Renewable Energy Target.

"The Renewable Energy Target is working to bring down pollution and power prices, but exempting the biggest polluting industries from the scheme would just totally undermine it," said Greens Leader Christine Milne.

"The point of the Renewable Energy Target is to see the whole economy move away from this unsustainable and unhealthy use of polluting fossil fuels.

"Aluminium companies are already heavily subsidised and have been profiting off the backs of the community for years. How much harder will the Abbott government let them lean?

"The Greens welcomed the Palmer political party's commitment to uphold the existing Renewable Energy Target, but now with Jacqui Lambie freelancing in Tasmania and saying the entire state should be exempt, it's more clear than ever that there are no guarantees of anything in this new Senate."


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