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Qantas decision threatens maintenance future for Australia: Bandt

Greens Deputy Leader and industry spokesperson Adam Bandt MP says Qantas' decision to cut 500 heavy maintenance jobs threatens the future of airline maintenance in Australia.


Mr Bandt said Qantas' heavy maintenance was central to keeping the critical mass of skills needed for maintenance across the industry and the Federal government needs to take steps to secure a future for maintenance in the country. The government needs to establish the Industry Roundtable called for by the unions to address the future of the industry.


"This is a bad decision. It will have a big impact on Qantas engineers and their families", Adam Bandt said.


"This is not just about the loss of jobs and the impact that has on working families. This is about the health of a central part of our national transport infrastructure, which plays a key part in our economy.


"Having a viable airline maintenance industry in Australia is also critical to the country's national security."


"I am concerned that this just the next step in Allan Joyce's plan to offshore jobs. The government needs to step in."


"The Minister needs to urgently establish an industry roundtable to address the future for the industry."

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