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Pyne's copy and paste budget fails students, staff and the community

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 13 May 2015

The Australian Greens have said the Abbott government has learned nothing from its two failed attempts at deregulating Australian universities, slashing billions from higher education and pouring public money into the coffers of private higher education companies, with all these measures back in the 2015 budget.

"Universities are again set to receive a 20 per cent cut while the Abbott government has restated its commitment to handing out hundreds of millions of dollars to private, for-profit education companies," said Greens higher education spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon.

"Instead of developing a new plan to build up higher education in Australia, the government has squibbed it and simply copy and pasted last year's failed proposals into this year's budget.

"It is remarkable that Mr Pyne has refused to listen to the tens of thousands of students, their families and members of the public that took to the streets last year in protest.

"The government's plan to recoup student debt from graduates who move overseas is likely to be a logistical nightmare that will raise only a small amount of money.

"We are dealing with a government whose interests lie with the big end of town.

"Instead of targeting students and universities for savings the government should be looking at how we can raise much needed revenue to fund a more caring, equitable and just society," said Senator Rhiannon.

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