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Protect our Environmental Defenders Offices

The Abbott government has stripped funding from Environmental Defenders Offices across Australia.

EDOs play a crucial role in helping communities to protect their land, air and water. They provide legal representation and advice, engaging in environmental law reform and policy formulation. 

These cuts will seriously impact already under-resourced EDOs who continue to empower communities to stand up to Tony Abbott's ongoing attack on the environment. 

We have brought together all of the details you'll need to donate to EDOs across the country. Please give what you can - in support of those who work to protect our precious places, our air, land and water. 

South Australia 

New South Wales  

Australian Capital Territory 


Northern Queensland 

Western Australia 

Northern Territory 



bill doyle - greens KI feb 2013 - 337 - 1174

Want to know more about what Environmental Defenders Offices do? Check out their site here. 




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