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Promote small business tax cut, high speed rail – Brown advises Rudd over mining boom tax

The Rudd government should sell better the huge dividend from the mining boom tax to the Australian public who will benefit from it, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Hobart today.

"Unfortunately, the large section of the Australian populace who has so much to gain from a minerals tax is not getting the message. For example, small business needs to know it will not get a 2 percent tax reduction if the big mining corporations win and the mining boom tax is dropped," Senator Brown said.

"I think Prime Minister Rudd would get much better response if he linked the exciting prospect of high speed rail connecting Australia's capital cities with the multi-billion dollar sovereign fund which this tax should finance."

Senator Brown said that he is keen to discuss options in both the way the tax is set up and the way the money can be allocated to the nation's future with the Prime Minister.

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