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Prime Minister, deliver on your promise to remove discrimination against LGBTIQ+ students this week: Greens

Media Release
Janet Rice 24 Oct 2018

The Australian Greens are calling on Prime Minister Morrison to deliver on his promise during the Wentworth by-election to remove the ability of religious schools to discriminate against LGBTIQ+ students.

“When the heat was on during Wentworth, the Prime Minister promised a bill would be passed by the end of this week removing discrimination in religious schools,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens LGBTIQ+ spokesperson.

“Where is the bill? Or did the Prime Minister lie to the people of Wentworth?”

“There is one day of parliament left, so he better hurry. Time is ticking, Prime Minister."

“The Greens have a bill that is already being debated in the Senate. If the Prime Minister doesn’t deliver on his promise to pass a government bill this week, the Greens will do the job for him when the Senate next sits.”

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