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Peter Whish-Wilson 5 Sep 2013

Better management of Australia's waste provides an opportunity to create new industries and jobs, improve the natural environment and minimise waste production. A container deposit scheme and a national waste register will help this transition.

Successive governments have been slow to respond to Australia's phenomenally high production of waste. The Greens will begin to clean up the nation and protect our environment through the establishment of a national container deposit scheme and a national waste register. The old parties voted against the Greens bill for a national container deposit scheme in Federal parliament late last year.


The Greens believe individuals and companies must take more responsibility for the amount of waste that is produced. We are committed to removing existing waste from the environment and minimising the creation of new waste.

The Greens will improve waste management in Australia by:

  • Establishing a national container deposit scheme to recover high value materials, stop plastics and other toxic metals from polluting the environment, and encourage investment and create jobs. 
  • Establishing a national waste register to provide transparency on what and where waste is produced to drive innovation and collaboration about how waste is managed. This will include an audit of all municipal waste sites. 
  • By funding research into surveying marine debris, the best ways to remove existing waste and debris and to stop further waste entering the marine environment.

These initiatives will help drive a change in waste management in Australia. They will help the waste management industry grow, securing investment and employment for Australia. It will also help protect Australia's natural environment by ensuring harmful waste is removed from the environment.

Click here to view the full policy initiative. 

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