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Policy failures leave Brisbane behind only Sydney as the most housing stressed city

Media Release
Andrew Bartlett 31 Jul 2018

Today’s figures from The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia show Brisbane is behind only Sydney in terms of financial stress due to the cost of housing and Queensland has the highest rate of urban housing stress in the country.

“Queenslanders are suffering because unlike education and healthcare, housing is treated as a commodity - something investors, property developers and banks make billions of dollars a year buying and selling, says Queensland Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett.

“More of us are struggling to pay the rent or mortgage while less of us can make the transition from renting to homeownership.

“If you’re a young person who can’t rely on the wealth of your family owning a home has become a fantasy.

“Brisbane has seen a 30 percent increase in homelessness.

“All Queenslanders should be able to access affordable housing, regardless of their social status or income.

“But Labor and the LNP have long formed one united party for the investors, property developers and banks who fund them with massive political donations.

“They under invest in social housing and have no real plan to make housing more affordable.

“More of us struggling to pay the rent or mortgage, a huge jump in the number of Queenslanders without a safe place to sleep at night, and a whole generation is locked out of the housing market.

“All so the big end of town can make a profit and funnel a portion of that back as donations to Labor and the LNP”.

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