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PM must not reward sexism or continue to delay Sex Discrimination Commissioner appointment

Media Release
Larissa Waters 28 Jan 2016

Jamie Briggs' claim that Prime Minister Turnbull told him he could become a Minister again after sexist behaviour is even more evidence that we urgently need a Sex Discrimination Commissioner.

"Although the Prime Minister talks a lot about respect for women, anything other than zero tolerance for sexism is utterly disrespectful," Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and spokesperson for women, said.

"How are Australian women meant to have confidence that this is a government that takes sexism seriously, if the Prime Minister's response to sexism is to reportedly welcome Mr Briggs back into the boys club?

"The Prime Minister should be making a concerted effort to achieve gender equality in the Cabinet, rather than reportedly assuring Mr Briggs the door is still open despite his sexist behaviour.

"We have had a shockingly sexist start to the year, including Mr Brigg's sexism and added to by footballer Mitchell Pearce's recent behaviour, and yet the Liberal Government still has not appointed a Sex Discrimination Commissioner.

"It has been more than 144 days since the end of the extended term of the admirable former commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick, and while the government said late last year the appointment was 'imminent', women are still waiting," Senator Waters said. 

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