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PM Abbott's Australia pursues climate rorts in Lima

Media Release
Christine Milne 12 Dec 2014

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne says the Abbott government has cemented Australia's reputation as a climate free loader by attempting to rort emissions accounting rules.

"Before Foreign Minister Julie Bishop left Australia she said one of her reasons for coming to the climate talks in Lima was to change the accounting rules that relate to Australia achieving its pollution reduction target," Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

"Foreign Minister Bishop is pursing a rort in the accounting of pollution levels. In doing so she is further cementing Australia's reputation as a free loader at the climate talks.

"Australia held the world to ransom when the Kyoto Protocol was first negotiated by demanding special consideration for emissions relating to land use when it knew all along that our land clearance rates and emissions were already falling.

"If Australia is successful here in Lima in having the same rort apply for the rules of the second Kyoto commitment period it will make it much easier for Australia to meet its pathetic five percent target without having to lift a finger and make a genuine global contribution.

"It was a something for nothing rort then and it remains so today.

"The Abbott government will be even more desperate to retain the rort given a new report out today by Climate Tracker showing that under the government's flawed Direct Action, Australia's emissions are set to soar.

"The predicted soar in emissions is a climate disaster. It is no wonder Ministers Bishop and Robb have the Kyoto accounting rules so firmly in their sights.

"Given the government's ineffective Direct Action plan and its determination not to put any pressure on the big polluters, it would be manna from heaven to get a windfall gain from rorting land use rules again in order to meet our target.

"I am doing everything to make sure that the rest of the world stands up to them this time and doesn't give in to Australia's bad behaviour and bullying threats not to sign up to an agreement unless it gets its way.

"It's time for strong action to reduce emissions not for more trickery."

Download a copy of the Carbon Action Tracker report here


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