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PM Abbott must get real on climate or risk damaging US relationship

The Australian Greens say Tony Abbott is risking Australia's constructive relationship with the United States by seeking to undo existing climate change policies, refusing to put climate on the G20 agenda and retreating from global action.

"Tony Abbott absolutely has his head in the sand on climate change. It's a national disaster and a global embarrassment as China and the USA get serious about the 2015 treaty," said Greens Leader Christine Milne.

"According to a former White House adviser, all but the climate deniers are worried about Australia's direction, and it's no wonder when our national leader is the Climate Denier in Chief.

"It's extremely concerning to see reports that Mr Abbott has backed out of meetings with the US Treasury Secretary and the heads of the IMF and World Bank because he can't justify his rejection of the link between climate and economics.

"No wonder his only support is coming from the world's 20th biggest polluter, BHP.

"Healthy economies depend on healthy people and liveable climates. Tony Abbott must put climate change on the G20 agenda and reverse his decision to abolish carbon pricing and undermine renewable energy," said Senator Milne.

"Australians want it, President Obama wants it, and people the world over deserve it."


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