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PM Abbott must condemn Ugandan anti-gay laws and provide asylum – Greens

The Australian Greens want Prime Minister Tony Abbott to join President Barack Obama and others around the world in condemning new laws in Uganda that outlaw homosexuality with sentences of life imprisonment.

"Tony Abbott has a moral obligation to condemn these horrific laws and to work with the global community to guarantee the safety of all those named as LGBTI in the Ugandan tabloid Red Pepper," Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

"If applications for asylum are received from any of the named 200 or others at risk Tony Abbott must guarantee their safety and provide permanent protection immediately.

"As well as facing life imprisonment, LGBTI people in Uganda now face a heightened and severe risk of homophobic violence. Prominent activist David Kato was killed after a previous list was published in 2011.

"New reports of violence against persons suspected of being gay means that condemnation of the laws and a global effort to secure the safety of the named 200 is extremely urgent.

"A memo to Tony Abbott: in case you haven't noticed, a one way ticket to the prison camp at Manus Island does not constitute permanent protection from gay hate."


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