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Petrol tax reveals Abbott’s new three word slogan: Stuff you, mate

Media Release
Adam Bandt 9 May 2014

Responding to reports Tony Abbott is planning to make petrol more expensive, Acting Greens Leader, Adam Bandt, said Tony Abbott's refusal to end fuel subsidies for wealthy miners proved the Coalition was siding with big business against everyday Australians.

"Tony Abbott's plan is for people to keep forking out billions each year just so the likes of Gina Rinehart can buy cheap diesel," said Mr Bandt.

"By making people pay more for petrol and GP visits while giving wealthy miners subsidised fuel, Tony Abbott has revealed his new three word slogan: ‘Stuff you, mate'.

"If the ‘age of entitlement' is over, why are taxpayers paying $8 billion to subsidise cheap diesel for wealthy mining companies?

"At this rate, Tony Abbott's first Budget will mark the beginning of the end of the fair go."


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