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Parenting cuts compound pressure face by community organisation - Greens

The Australian Greens believe that the pressures faced by WA's emergency relief organisations are being compounded by January's cuts to single parenting payments.

"It's very concerning that people in WA are being turned away because the amazingly hard working organisations in our not-for-profit sector are under such intense pressure," Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

"I have no doubt that organisations are experiencing an increased demand for support as a result of income support cuts to single parents and the ongoing inadequacy of payments like Newstart.

"Just last week, a Salvation Army report showed demand for their services from Newstart recipients had increase 12% in the past year - more than a third of the 2700 people they'd surveyed were on Newstart.

"Speaking in Senate Estimates today, representatives from the Human Rights Commission made it clear that parenting payment cuts raised very serious human rights concerns.

"Losing $60 to $120 per week from a single parents household budget greatly increases the pressure people are under, which is why it is deeply disappointing that the an increase of $50 per week to Newstart was not included in the Federal Budget.

"The Commission's concerns about the effect of these cuts on human rights are reflected in the personal stories I'm hearing from people in the community, and also in the reports being produced by organisations in the community sector.

"The Government cannot sweep this issue under the carpet by ignoring the impact it is having on the community. They need to pay more attention to the impacts of these cuts and the pressure they are heaping on single parents and community organisations alike.

"Only the Greens have strong legislation before Parliament to increase Newstart by $50 per week and help single parents," Senator Siewert concluded.

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