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Palmer political party’s backflip on renewable energy

Media Release
Christine Milne 20 Mar 2014

Greens Leader Christine Milne says Clive Palmer's backflip on supporting the Renewable Energy Target on ABC's RN Breakfast this morning shows the Palmer political party cannot be trusted and will say and do anything on a whim.

"The Palmer political party is saying whatever it thinks it needs to for electoral gain. This backflip is disgraceful and will sound the alarm not only in Western Australia but with everyone who supports renewable energy," Senator Milne said.

"If Tony Abbott's promises need to be in writing, then Clive Palmer's will need to be tattooed. This Abbott/Palmer duo is not what Australia or Western Australia needs.

"Western Australia, like the rest of the country, needs renewable energy and the jobs created by it.

"There are billions of dollars of investment sitting on the sidelines waiting for the certainty that the Abbott government is deliberately withholding. Clive Palmer could unlock this money with a firm commitment to keep the existing law as it is.

"No one should forget that the PUP is led by a millionaire coal miner. Make no mistake, making the Renewable Energy Target voluntary will kill it."


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