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Paid pandemic leave desperately needed with 59,000 Tasmanians without leave entitlements

Tasmanian Senator Peter Whish-Wilson has called for Tasmania to be included in the Federal Government's Paid Pandemic Leave scheme, with ABS data showing Tasmania has the highest percentage of employees without leave entitlements in the country.

Senator Whish-Wilson has today written to Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein asking him to request that the PM include Tasmania in the paid pandemic leave scheme, giving it the best chance to fight against COIVD-19.

Just over 59, 000 Tasmanians have no leave entitlements, the highest percentage of casual employees in the country (28.3 per cent), making Tasmanian workers some of the most vulnerable in the country.

"Leave entitlements mean that when a Tasmanian employee has any symptoms or is waiting for test results, they don't fear calling in sick and can take the precaution of staying home, without the worry that they can't put food on the table or that they may lose their job.

"We know that giving people everything they need in order to stay at home and stop the spread is crucial.

"Workplace transmissions were the main driver of the Victorian outbreak, making up around 80 per cent of all cases.

"Allowing employees to stay at home if they need to also protects the rest of us.

"At the moment, the only people that can access this payment are those who have been ordered to stay at home in Victoria.

"We shouldn't be waiting until we get to that point, but instead do everything we can to stop a second wave from happening here as well."

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