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Orwellian Gov bill defines gas as clean energy, war as peace and freedom as slavery

Media Release
Adam Bandt 27 Aug 2020

Leader of the Australian Greens, Adam Bandt, has today slammed as Orwellian a new Bill from the Morrison government that redefines ‘low emissions technology' to include gas in the Clean Energy Finance Corporation Act. The move would enable gas corporations to access billions of dollars of support meant for renewables.

“Gas is as dirty as coal,” said Mr Bandt

"Bought by the gas industry, the Liberals are trying to legislate away a scientific truth. This is Orwellian.

“The attempt to redefine gas as a ‘low-emissions technology’ would let gas corporations access billions of dollars in public funding intended for renewables.

“It also gives the Minister new powers to tell the independent Clean Energy Finance Corporation how to spend its money.

“First it was sports rorts, now it’s a multi-billion dollar gas slush fund. This is nothing more than a shameless attempt to bankroll gas corporations with public money meant for renewables.

“The CEFC is intended to support clean energy projects, not prop up an industry trying to embed fossil fuels in our energy mix for years to come.

"The Greens are calling on Labor to join us in the fight against a gas-loving government that is hurtling us towards climate catastrophe.

"In the Senate today, it was disappointing that Labor refused to join us in condemning the government's gas-led recovery, but I hope they find some backbone when this terrible bill comes on for debate.”

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