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One step closer to Kangaroo Island protection

Australian Greens Senator for South Australia says today's decision to force a proposal for oil and gas exploration off the coast of Kangaroo Island through a Federal environmental assesment is a big win for community campaigning.

Senator Wright has worked extensively with the community on this campaign and says Environment Minister Tony Burke's decision today was one step closer to recognising Kangaroo Island is too precious to lose.

"This just shows what can be achieved when people work together and it shows mining company Bight Petroluem have not been able to play the system by withdrawing and re-submitting their original application," Senator Wright said.

"I am delighted Minister Burke listened to the community's calls for further scrutiny of Bight Petroleum's application.

"There is now the chance for a rigorous assesment of the environmental impact of seismic testing on threatened sea animals in this unique area.

"There is a growing body of evidence and increasing concern that seismic testing causes significant levels of harm. The Commonwealth Fisheries Association fishing industry recently called for it to be listed as a key threatening process under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

"I believe further scrutiny of Bight's proposal will show the impact this project will have on threatened animals is unacceptable and it will be very clear the exploration and production of oil in this area cannot go ahead.

"The Kangaroo Island community relies heavily on tourism and fishing industries and so it is particularly important they have had this chance to have their voices heard on this significant decision.

"Over the course of this campaign, Minister Burke received over 20,000 emails calling on him to reject this proposal and recognise Kangaroo Island is too precious to lose. Today's decision brings us one step closer."

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