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Old polluters celebrate a devastating year for renewable energy

Media Release
Christine Milne 17 Feb 2015

Today marks a year since the Abbott government shattered investor confidence by launching its unnecessary and ideological review of the Renewable Energy Target, and Greens Leader Christine Milne says its time for the uncertainty to end.

"The Liberals need end their attack on the Renewable Energy Target and stop destroying jobs to protect their mates at the big end of town," said Senator Milne.

"Renewable energy workers, businesses and investors need to know their industry has the government's support, but all they're getting from the Liberals is proof that this government thinks fossil fuel profits are more important.

"Instead of reducing renewable energy as a way of dealing with excess energy, closure of coal fired power stations should be on the table.

"We need to lock in the Renewable Energy Target instead of locking the industry in limbo. The only thing Tony Abbott has achieved with his RET review is a year of uncertainty.

"I call on the Liberals to stop luring Labor into helping destroy renewable energy in Australia.

"We need to keep, and eventually scale up, the RET to cut pollution and help Australian businesses and households access cheaper, cleaner power ."

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