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Old parties vote down Senate support for SELGA mayors

Media Release
Penny Wright 9 Jul 2014

The Labor and Liberal Parties have voted down an Australian Greens motion congratulating the South East Local Government Association's unanimous vote in favour of a moratorium on unconventional gas.

New South Australian Family First Senator Bob Day also voted against the motion moved in the Senate today by Australian Greens Senator for South Australia Penny Wright.

Senator Wright said she was surprised South Australian senators hadn't shown more support.

"This was a landmark decision by the South East Local Government Association - I didn't think it was at all controversial to support the Councils for their principled stand," Senator Wright said.

"The Australian Greens know the importance of protecting the valuable agricultural land in the South East from unconventional gas activities. We are very disappointed the old parties and Family First didn't join us.

"The Coalition Government says they support landholder rights, but if that's the case, why did they vote against my motion supporting those very rights?

"Farmers in the South East are extremely concerned about the dangers unconventional gas exploration could pose to their lands and water supplies - so the Australian Greens greatly admire SELGA councils for taking a stand on behalf of their communities."

The full text of the motion put by Senator Wright can be found here.

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