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NSW government under pressure to back off Millers Point and Sirius eviction plans

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 7 Jul 2017

A group of prominent Sydney residents are calling on the NSW Liberal-National government to drop their eviction plans for the remaining Millers Point residents.

The situation is at a critical stage with the NSW Family and Community Services (FACS) refusing to accept the recommendations of the Housing Appeals Committee, which means evictions could start any day.

Responding to claims that the last 24 tenants are being made final “formal offers” which if they do not accept will result in eviction, Australian Greens spokesperson for Housing, Senator Rhiannon said:

“Today the Save Millers Point group is releasing a public statement which calls on the NSW government to back off the remaining tenants and preserve the Sirius Building for public housing.

“A number of Millers Point residents have told me they will not leave their community and have appealed for people to stand with them to resist government eviction plans.

“Claims that FACS is refusing to accept the recommendations of the Housing Appeals Committee are deeply disturbing. It’s been reported to us that this vital aspect of due process and fairness is no longer being followed.

“Clearly the NSW government is losing patience and is now bypassing its own processes in an effort to remove all public housing tenants from Millers Point and the Sirius Building. They are out to totally cleanse Millers Point of its important history and cultural fabric,” said Senator Rhiannon.

Jenny Leong MP, Greens NSW spokesperson for Housing said: “There’s more than just housing and people’s lives at stake here: the key question is whether inner Sydney will just be a playground for the rich or a diverse and harmonious community.

“The government is expected to make made hundreds of millions more than they expected from the forced sell offs.

“It’s time for them to show some humanity and let the remaining residents stay in Millers Point and Sirius, and live their remaining lives in peace and security,” said Jenny Leong.


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