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NRMA survey scam promotes more city motorways

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 21 Aug 2012

Commenting on the NRMA's ‘more motorways for Sydney' campaign, Greens Senator for NSW and transport spokesperson Lee Rhiannon said the NRMA had manipulated its member survey data to back its position.

"The NRMA is doing a disservice to its members by linking the solution for Sydney's congestion to more motorways," Senator Rhiannon said.

"Sydney would be a more liveable city if the money put into motorways had been used for new and expanded public transport services.

"The NRMA asserts that its survey data shows members spend up to 22 days a year commuting. It is based on the assumption that commuter trips of up to ninety minutes occur every day of the year. That conclusion is a bit rich.

"Sydney-siders do not need another survey to know that commuting in Australia's biggest city is in crisis.

"NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury used the survey to talk up the extension of M4 East, linking the F3 and the M2, and duplication of the M5 tunnel. The only people to benefit from this policy are developers and motorway builders.

"Experience shows while motorways may initially deliver a drop in local traffic, over time more people use cars and surrounding streets and the motorway becomes congested at peak travelling times.

"The NRMA are not meeting the needs of their members. To honour their responsibility NRMA should back a range of transport modes and encourage people to get out of their cars to relieve congestion and the frustration of NRMA members stuck in traffic.

"It is disappointing that the NRMA are singing from the same song sheet on more motorways for Sydney as Transport Minister Anthony Albanese and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott," Senator Rhiannon said.



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