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No more waiting on CSG action

The Australian community expects to see action from the Australian Government on coal seam gas, as the response to the Senate Inquiry's recommendations to protect our land and our water from the dangers of coal seam gas mining is due tomorrow.

"Australians have waited and waited for the federal Government to take action on coal seam gas, and to recognise that our farmland is under threat and regional communities up in arms about the long-term risks of this new fossil fuel," Australian Greens mining spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters said.

"The time for waiting is over - in November last year, a multi-party senate inquiry unanimously recommended a moratorium on coal seam gas in the Murray Darling Basin, and the Government is due to respond to this and other recommendations tomorrow.

"After several aquifer contaminations and spills across Queensland and New South Wales, the states have proven that they are incapable of reigning in the CSG mining barons and harmonised CSG standards for the states isn't going to change that.

"Last night, an inquiry report recommended against the adoption of my bill to protect water at the national level from the ravages of coal seam gas and other mining activities, so I will now be asking the old parties to support my proposal for a nation-wide inquiry into CSG.

"It's time for the Australian Government to put aside its leadership squabbles, take responsibility for the precious natural resources that we all rely on - our water, our environment and our farmland - and act now on the Senate Inquiry's recommendations."


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