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No more chances on Live Export: Moss Review shows it is time for a ban.

Media Release
Mehreen Faruqi 31 Oct 2018

Australian Greens Animal Welfare Spokesperson, Senator Mehreen Faruqi, has reiterated her call for a ban on live exports, following the release of the Moss Review which shows that the Department and the Government have failed animals. Senator Faruqi has called for a complete ban on live exports, saying the industry is well beyond saving.

Senator Faruqi said: “While I welcome Mr Moss’s review and proposed changes, it clearly shows the reality that a culture of tolerating animal cruelty is completely entrenched. The shortcomings of the system encompass legislation, regulation, capability and culture. The whole industry and its regulation are based on money, not animal welfare. The writing is on the wall for this cruel trade and now is the time to begin the transition away from it.

“If you need evidence of the contempt this Government has for reform, the Agriculture Minister was handed this damning report in late September and he promptly went ahead and allowed live exporters to increase stocking density and granted an export licence to a company closely affiliated with disgraced live export company Emanuel Exports. The department has even allowed some live export ships to sail without independent observers.

“The Greens remain resolute and stand with the community in demanding a shutdown of this cruel trade. No amount of reviews or tinkering around the edges can get around the fact that this is a trade in misery and is incompatible with animal welfare. The live export industry is well beyond redemption.

“I for one am so sick and tired of second and third and fourth chances being given to the live export industry. They have proved they are incapable of reform and we know as soon as the spotlight is off live exports, we will see any changes weakened.

“My bill to ban the worst aspects of the live exports trade passed the Senate and is stuck in limbo in the House of Representatives. I call on members of the crossbench and those in the Government who care about animals to take action now and bring on the bill for debate and a vote. We could take a huge leap forward to animal welfare if Prime Minister Scott Morrison allowed the bill to be debated."

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