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NDIS too important to undermine: Greens

Recent speculation about aspects of the NDIS are understandably making people nervous about the future of the scheme, Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

“With reports that the Federal Government is attempting to take control of the scheme, that the WA Government is walking away from a national approach and the business sector talking about the cost of the scheme, the Federal Government needs to be showing some leadership.  

“The WA Minister for Disability Services is now pre-empting an evaluation of the My Way and NDIS trials and is apparently stepping away from the national scheme. This will fuel uncertainty for people with disability who have waited for the rollout of the NDIS for far too long.

“Meanwhile, the Federal Government is reportedly proposing changes that will give the Government power to change the eligibility of participants, delay the rollout and potentially cut the scheme. This will undermine effectiveness and could lead to once again ration supports for people with disability.

“It is increasingly clear that the scheme is under threat in its current form.  

“Any substantial reform package takes time to be fully and effectively implemented, the Federal Government needs to stay on course to ensure the NDIS is delivered as intended, they clearly have the support of the Australian community to do so.

“The NDIS must be fully funded and delivered so that it can reach its full potential. Every Australian counted when the scheme was announced and had cross party support, that shouldn’t change.

“I encourage the WA and Federal Governments not to make decisions that compromise the performance of the NDIS and instead continue the cross-party commitment this scheme needs. The Government should put to bed quickly talk that undermines the NDIS”.

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