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NDIS reaching its threshold in the ACT must be urgently addressed: Greens 

Reports of up to 2000 people with serious mental ill health and disabilities being turned away because the National Disability Insurance Scheme is at capacity in the ACT is a crisis that must be urgently addressed, Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today. 

“The NDIS at its core is about providing the support and care for people with disability ensuring improved choice, self-determination, and access and is supposed to be uncapped. For people to be assessed, deemed eligible, then not allowed to access the NDIS compromises the very foundation of why the NDIS was rolled out in the first place. 

“I have concerns about how Governments came to a figure of 5075 people for a full rollout in the ACT, only for the figure to be reached in less than six months. 

“I also have concerns about the potential for worse  blowouts in larger jurisdictions, particularly states in Queensland, where a large portion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have never received disability support.

“For people to be standing at the doorway of the NDIS, only to be allowed in once someone leaves the scheme,  is not where we should be.  

“I will be following this up in estimates next week”. 

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