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NBN for Geraldton will boost opportunities for education, health & local business

Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam is in Geraldton for the ‘Switch On' of the National Broadband Network.

As the Greens communications spokesperson Senator Ludlam played a key role in negotiating the legislative framework of the NBN, introducing safeguards against privatising the Network.

"Geraldton will be able to benefit from the health, education, and commercial opportunities offered by the NBN. With fast and reliable broadband the people of Geraldton will find teleconferencing, live web seminars and other forms of online interaction far easier than before," said Senator Ludlam.

"The NBN will erode isolation, greatly reduce the need for travel to conferences and other meetings, and shrink the distances between services within Australia. This telecommunications infrastructure holds out the promise of a new age of productivity, innovation and cultural cross-pollination on a scale that's still hard to imagine at this stage - and it's great that this city is on board from the outset."

The NBN Geraldton Switch On Event is Wednesday 10 July at 9am at GoGero DigiHub, 71 Marine Terrace.


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