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NASA's James Hansen backs Greens' position: Better no deal than a bad deal

NASA's James Hansen, often known as the Godfather of climate science, has backed the position taken by the Greens - that it is better to have no deal in the short term than to lock in a deal which locks in failure.

Hansen has told The Guardian newspaper in London that:

"I would rather it not happen if people accept that as being the right track because it's a disaster track... The whole approach is so fundamentally wrong that it is better to reassess the situation."

"This is the informed and principled approach which the Greens have taken to the Rudd Government's failure of an emissions trading scheme," Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne said.

"The CPRS was designed so badly that it would have locked in coal-fired energy and exports, undermined innovation and made it harder for us to get onto the low-to-zero emissions path.

"A weak deal at Copenhagen would be devastating for the globe, making it far more difficult to drive the kind of transformation that is required to prevent climate crisis.

"We are rapidly using up our carbon budget for this century, which means we have no time for weak action.

"Minister Wong's assertion that 'delay = denial' can more potently be turned on her: it is weak action, action that rejects what the science clearly requires, that is equivalent to denial.

"James Hansen understands the climate better than almost anyone on the planet, so his warning should be heeded - we must reject the weak pretence of action and demand the real action that is necessary."

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