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Motion: Kashmir Self-determination

Mehreen Faruqi 13 Nov 2019

I ask that general business notice of motion No. 238 standing in my name for today, relating to Kashmir, be taken as a formal motion.

The PRESIDENT: Is there any objection to this motion being taken as formal? There is, Senator Faruqi.

Senator FARUQI: In lieu of suspending standing orders, I seek leave to make a one-minute statement.

The PRESIDENT: Leave is granted for one minute.

Senator FARUQI: Once again we are here, where the government is denying consideration of a very important foreign policy matter. Kashmiris have been living under curfew for months now. Over one million Kashmiri children are still out of school. The Australian government must use all diplomatic means available to call on the Indian government to reverse its decision to remove the autonomy of Kashmir. They must release political prisoners, lift the curfew and allow freedom of movement, communication, speech and assembly for the people of Kashmir. The Australian government must call on the Indian government to respect Kashmiris' right to self-determination. Kashmiris have the right to live their lives free from violence, free from militarisation, free from curfews and free to have freedom of speech.


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