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Motion: International Students

That the Senate—

(a) notes that:

   (i) over 550,000 international students currently study in Australia, contributing immensely to our community and economy,

   (ii) many of these students are suffering enormous financial hardship at the moment due to unemployment, wage losses and instability during COVID-19,

   (iii) students have been forced to queue at food banks, live in cramped accommodation, and rely on the charity of others in order to eat and make ends meet,

   (iv) the government has excluded temporary visa holders, including international students, from federal income support, including Youth Allowance, JobSeeker, JobKeeper and the Coronavirus Supplement, and

   (v) the government has not provided any other form of financial relief or hardship package for international students, while almost all states and territories have; and

(b) calls on the government to provide a financial relief package for international students.


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