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Motion: Australian Bushfires

I, and also on behalf of Senator Waters, move:

That the Senate—

(a) notes that:

   (i) states of emergency have been declared in New South Wales and Queensland due to catastrophic bushfire risk,

   (ii) lives have been lost, more than 150 homes have been destroyed, and almost 1,000,000 hectares of land in New South Wales have been razed since the start of this year's unprecedented bushfire season,

   (iii) in New South Wales, the Greater Sydney and Hunter areas are set to experience catastrophic fire conditions for the first time on record,

   (iv) in Queensland, a state of emergency has been declared in 42 local government areas across the south east and central Queensland, with at least 11,000 hectares and more than a dozen homes lost,

   (v) the climate crisis is making bushfires like these more frequent and more intense, and making fire seasons longer and more dangerous each year, and

   (vi) burning coal, oil and gas is dangerously heating our planet, and Australia is the third largest exporter of carbon pollution in the world;

(b) expresses its whole-hearted support for communities across New South Wales and Queensland devastated by these raging bushfires;

(c) thanks the courageous firefighters and emergency services for their service to communities in need; and

(d) calls on the Federal Government to:

   (i) act decisively to build resilience in communities, and

   (ii) declare a climate emergency.


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