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Morrison makes Australia the OECD outlier on climate

Media Release
Adam Bandt 14 Dec 2020

Greens Leader, Adam Bandt, says Australia is now the only OECD country to rule out raising its 2030 emissions target, as the Morrison government’s climate policy doesn’t just put lives at risk but damages Australia’s international standing and reputation too. 

With the events of the weekend and the UN Climate Ambition Summit, 31 of the 37 members of the OECD have now committed to raising their 2030 climate ambition. Of the six remaining, only Australia has ruled out raising its 2030 target.

Eyes now turn to the major climate meeting hosted by incoming US President, Joe Biden, who had a message read to the summit over the weekend, making it clear that the world’s biggest economy was set to transform in the coming decade.

“For a supposed marketing whiz, Scott Morrison is doing serious long term damage to Australia’s brand,” Bandt said.

“As the world is urged to declare a climate emergency, Australia is now the only OECD country to rule out lifting its 2030 targets.”
“Joining the ranks of Russia, Brazil and Saudi Arabia, we are becoming a rogue nation on climate when most of the world is stepping up.

“As most of the OECD lifts targets and joins the world in collective efforts to solve a crisis, Scott Morrison is putting lives at risk with his commitment to coal and gas. 

“Joe Biden will host a major climate summit in his first 100 days. If Australia continues down the rogue nation path, our diplomatic and economic future will suffer irreparable damage.

Opportunities lost

“To meet these targets, countries will be seeking green products and energy supplies. Australia has huge opportunities in job-rich industries, including green hydrogen, mining for key ingredients for batteries and zero-carbon manufacturing. 

“Instead of building Australia’s brand as a producer of sustainable energy and goods, high-quality agriculture and wine, the government is backing gas, coal and a climate catastrophe that will put all of that at risk. 

“This is why we need stronger 2030 targets. This is why we need a massive economic transformation to radically reduce emissions and create jobs as we come out of the COVID crisis. This is why we need a Green New Deal,” Bandt said.

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