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Morrison lies in Glasgow climate speech

Scott Morrison has been caught lying in his speech to world leaders at Glasgow, deliberately misrepresenting Australia’s climate targets in his major official engagement at the climate summit. 

In his speech, Scott Morrison falsely claimed that according to Australia’s official COP26 pledge, Australia emissions “will fall by 35% by 2030.” However, this is in direct contradiction to statements made in Australia and the emissions pledge formally lodged at the summit (Australia’s ‘NDC’), which have reaffirmed that Australia’s formal 2030 target continues to be Tony Abbott’s 26-28%, and the heavily-qualified NDC has reaffirmed only that projections show Australia “on track to reduce emissions by up to 35%”.

Under Scott Morrison, Australia is also siding with Russia and China to block global action on the climate crisis, refusing to phase out coal and gas, the leading causes of global heating.

By refusing to join other world leaders in signing up to pledges to phase out coal, gas and subsidies for polluting industries, Scott Morrison is sabotaging global climate action and securing his place in history as the Glasgow wrecker.

Quotes attributable to Australian Greens leader Adam Bandt MP:

“Scott Morrison has just lied to the world about Australia’s climate targets.

”Knowing he’d be slammed for his woeful 2030 targets, Scott Morrison used his major summit speech to lie to world leaders.

“Scott Morrison’s formal written pledge to the climate summit says Australia only promises to cut pollution by a measly 26%, yet his speech said Australia ‘will’ cut pollution by 35%.

“Scott Morrison’s written pledge says one thing but his speech says another. 

“Scott Morrison is sabotaging global climate action and lying to cover it up.

“Scott Morrison is lying about his ambition in Glasgow to avoid international scrutiny while working with Barnaby Joyce and his fossil fuel donors at home to ensure nothing changes over the critical next decade.
“Prince Charles is right that the world needs to be “warlike” to fight the climate crisis, but Scott Morrison wants Australia to take the coward’s way, helping the enemy by burning more coal and gas.

“Boris Johnson, President Biden and the world say no more coal and gas but Scott Morrison gives them the finger.

“Money won’t help a Pacific that is drowning because Scott Morrison and Labor want more coal and gas.”

Lines attributable Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, Greens spokesperson for environment on the ground at Glasgow:

“Today was the day world leaders were asked to increase ambition to cut pollution deeper and faster - but not Australia. Again, Australia was embarrassed on the world stage.

“Scott Morrison’s leader’s speech was underwhelming and cringeworthy. It was as if he resented even being here. He snarled at the world and lectured that Australia is already doing enough - when of course that is a lie.

“Mr Morrison has joined up with China and Russia to block global action on coal pollution. This sends a damaging message here at the summit that rather than helping, Mr Morrsion wants to wreck climate action.”

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