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Morrison in climate wrecker mode in Glasgow

Media Release
Adam Bandt 1 Nov 2021

Fresh from helping derail G20 climate commitments, Scott Morrison is now gearing up to be a climate action wrecker at Glasgow.

The Prime Minister's world leader summit speech today and other interventions at the global climate summit, such as spruiking gas, have Australia promoting coal and gas at Glasgow while the rest of the world is trying to phase it out.

Alongside Russia and Saudi Arabia, Australia is continuing to play the role of global climate spoiler, undermining 2030 action to keep the world under 1.5 degrees of heating.

Quotes attributable to Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP:

"Scott Morrison’s lying to the French about submarines and to the world about coal.

“Scott Morrison is sabotaging global climate action, undermining the G20 climate push and going to Glasgow with targets based on the planet warming by over 3 degrees.

“As the world’s scientists warn we could hit a dangerous 1.5 degrees of warming in a few short years, Scott Morrison is undermining the global push to get out of coal and gas.

“Like selling cigarettes at a cancer conference, Scott Morrison and Angus Taylor boast about spruiking gas in Glasgow. While everyone else is trying to get out of coal and gas, Scott Morrison wants more of it, pretending we can take climate action while opening up more coal and gas mines.

"While Boris Johnson warns of civilisation collapse, the Prime Minister is a modern day Nero saying ‘let it burn’. 

“The house is burning and Scott Morrison is throwing petrol on the fire.

“As President Macron reminded us yesterday, the PM can’t be trusted.

“If Scott Morrison is really concerned about ‘developing countries’, he should heed the urgent calls from Pacific Island leaders and act to limit warming to 1.5 degrees, which means 2030 targets of 75% emissions reductions.

“The Greens have a plan for a science-based, legislated 75% climate pollution cut by 2030, net zero by 2035 and policies to shift Australia to 700% renewables.”

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